Friday, May 8, 2009

Cutting my hair

I finally got tired of the frumpy hair I was trying to grow out. Funny I always think I want it longer, but I hate it when it starts getting long. I just went 6 months with no cuts and wearing it up all the time, but today I cut it off, again. I really like it. It pretty much looks like the picture on my profile again, whichI think is cute and a little sassy. Reminds me of . . . Me! I love a good hair cut. Sort hair, for me, is so much easier than longer hair. Probably because my hair gets too heavy and looks "limp" to me when it is longer. Anyway . . . I am happy with it and Tim likes short hair. I know, most guys don't . . . but it's not those guys I would like to please :)

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