Thursday, June 4, 2009

June, Already?

Wow how time flies. I just finished working at Pizza Madness for 3 weeks while one of the girls took a vacation. I was so exhausted from being on my feet and walking non stop for hours, that I came home and pooped out, so it feels like forever since I posted a blog. We had some excitement last night when Paige cut her face right above her lip and we took her down to Pueblo to get some stitches (3 to be exact). It was a small cut, but we wanted to minimize the scarring, so it was probably worth it. She was such a trooper. . . didn't even cry once. Not even when they gave her the numbing shots, which burn like crazy. Her eyes watered up, but that was it. She has the biggest fat lip I have ever seen. I mean, that thing is HUGE. She cut it by playing with those metal horses on a play ground that sit on those metal coils and you can rock on them. She got the thing going too much and it mashed her in the mouth! She lived and we are on to another day . . . .

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